Top 9 Best Gay Travel Blogs, According to WeTwoBoys

Rome from the Air -

Since beginning my own journeys I’ve become aware of how many fellow travelers there are.  There are quite a few gay travel bloggers out there living the nomadic lifestyle full-time and writing all about it, taking beautiful pictures, and making us all insanely jealous (or is that just me? – I haven’t figured out the ‘full-time’ part yet).

There are quite a few really good bloggers out there, so it was fairly difficult to winnow down the field.  But I didn’t want to overwhelm you with a long list devoid of context.  So here they are: We Two Boys’ favorite gay travel blogs.

Travels of Adam – Adam is an excellent blogger with really great “hipster travel guides” (which are helpful to everyone else too).  His guides are really comprehensive and specialize in telling you where the coolest, trendiest spots in a city are.  He focuses on Europe and is based in Berlin, so that guide is especially comprehensive.

Alex Block – I met Alex randomly at a Halloween party at “Dracula’s Castle” (Bran Castle in Transylvania).  I’ve since become a huge fan of his Instagram feed.  Alex is a young Russian guy who made an epic flash trip of the world and snapped pictures all the way.  And let me tell you, dude knows how to take a picture.  His Instagram name is alexblock.

Scruffy Italian Traveller – The aptly named Scruffy Italian Traveller has written some great articles about some off-the-beaten-path destinations of which we here at We Two Boys are fans.  We’re also fans of the scruff.  Combine that with the fact that he seems to be unenthusiastic about consistently wearing clothes and, well, we don’t mind.

Nomadicboys – The Nomadic Boys are an adorable couple who are clearly in love with traveling Southeast Asia.  They focus a lot on gay issues and infuse their writing with a lot of likable personality.

Twobadtourists – Another traveling couple, Two Bad Tourists include diverse locations, including Latin America, but probably focus a little more on Europe.  I especially wanted to include them in my list because in addition to location-specific tips, they also have quite a bit of information on general travel info.

Globetrottergirls – For a lesbian perspective on global travel, Globe Trotter Girls is the place to go.  I’m also a big fan of her photography.  I especially recommend that you check out this post about solo travel for lesbians: – This one is less specifically gay-oriented than some of the others, but it includes destinations in the Middle East and Africa that not many bloggers include in their itinerary.

Breakawaybackpacker – Jaime is a really great blogger who occasionally includes his gay adventures in addition to other topics.  He tends to focus on Europe. & – These are more strictly tourist guides than many of the blogs I’m including here, but there’s a lot of really useful info.

Well, I hope this has been helpful.  There are many others to be found, and most of the above include their own pages of recommended blogs if you want to continue to dig deeper.


  1. Thanks Jeremy for including me 🙂

    It is true I don’t have many gay-specific articles listed on my site, mostly due to the crazy places that I visit. However my experiences that I’ve had prove that gay people exist everywhere, encouraging me to travel to even more remote destinations.

    Cheers, Matt 🙂

  2. Hi, Jeremy!
    Found myself in this list occasionally! Cool that you remember me and thank you for your kind words and including me in your list!
    Happy travels!
    Cheers, Alex